“It would be pretty easy being a teacher, right?”

“It would be pretty easy being a teacher, right?”. The words make me shiver. And like Amy, I have spoken to a friend who told me that uni doesn’t prepare you at all for the classroom, she is currently teaching her first class since graduating and she had a new idea about how Teachers should be taught. She mentioned that she thought Teaching Degrees should be taught the same way that apprentices learn trades. With majority of the time spent in classrooms doing practical experience, with a portion of the time spent on campus learning the theory side. I understand there would be implications if this scheme was implemented, for example finding schools to take on pretty much full-time prac students, and also the inability to work while studying. Still I think this is something that universities need to pay attention to. I personally am excited to finish and become a teacher, however I am extremely nervous of what lies ahead. How do you feel about it? Do you think uni is preparing us enough for our career as teachers?


7 thoughts on ““It would be pretty easy being a teacher, right?”

  1. I 100% agree with your friend Taylor. I just think it is so obvious not only to pre-service teachers but qualified ones, how can universities, government, school bodies or whoever else not see it??


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